Winter Pest Control Tips


During winter, homeowners begin to notice spiders and rodents in their home more frequently than ever before. To keep their home safe from creepy crawly residents, homeowners can use a few simple tips to control winter pests all season long.

Making sure the foundation of the home is secure is the best way to keep rodents and spiders at bay. Spiders get into homes via small cracks under doors, slightly open windows, and weak links in a home’s foundation. As part of a regular draft check to keep cold air from entering the home, a homeowner can use caulking and other home supplies to keep spiders from getting inside as well. If a person has an attic, they should check attic floors and windows to make sure there aren’t any minute spaces that spiders can use to get indoors.

Spiders also come inside the home with firewood that homeowners use to heat their homes. Firewood should always be stacked outdoors away from the home and immediately be put in the wood stove or fireplace once brought indoors to prevent spiders from getting loose in the house and calling a warm indoor space home.

Rodents make their way into homes by chewing their way through walls and hiding out in obscure places. Homeowners can set traps in their heater vents, make sure basement doors stay shut, and can keep sheds and other outdoor areas secure so rodents don’t take over these areas as well. Rodents can chew through insulation and plastic, so those items should not be used to secure holes in the home’s foundation. Instead, homeowners should steel wool to block openings that rodents can get through.

Effective traps for spiders include sticky spider traps. These traps should be placed along walls and under furniture, and chemicals within the sticky material attract these 8-legged intruders so they cannot escape. Mouse traps can be placed in closets, under sinks, and in basements and attics to catch sneaky rodents that sneak inside.

With the right winter pest control, a homeowner should be able to enjoy their warm house all winter long, and not have to worry about sharing their space with unwanted house guests. The sooner a person starts pest-proofing their home, the more successful they will be in keeping unwanted critters out.


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