Tips and Tricks for Home Improvement in Winter


Winter means a lot of different things to different people. However, for home owners it should be a call to take care of some simple home improvement projects. By looking into a few simple tips for the winter, one can end up saving a significant amount of money.

One of the first things to look into is a programmable thermostat. For much of the time they’ve been available, these thermostats have been notoriously difficult to use. However, recent advances have finally made them as simple to use as a simple button press. Newer models have an energy star button which will put itself into an energy saver mode. Many of the newer models can also learn the habits of a household and adapt itself accordingly.

Next, one should buy a smoke stick and walk room to room. This might seem odd at first, but the reason is that the smoke will show air drafts. One can then look for where the air flow is coming from. Once located, it’s usually fairly cheap and easy to fix sources of an air draft. For example, if air is coming in through an electrical socket than one will simply need to buy and install a cheap gasket.

The draft might be coming from a window. If that’s the case, there are a number of easy tips to take care of that issue without spending much money. Insulating blinds can look great, and help increase the window’s insulation. However, a more effective solution for severe drafts can be found in something as simple as caulk. A little caulk around a window can go a long way toward big savings in heating costs.

Caulk can also be used for another common issue. While checking for air drafts, there’s one location easy to miss. It’s quite common for air to come in through the ceiling without anyone noticing. This is usually due to can lights, but there can be a number of similar issues. Most of these issues can also be fixed with caulk. One needs to simply seal the area around the light or other fixture, with caulk. Along with these tips, another general one is to simply keep caulk on hand within one’s home. In a similar way to nails and a hammer, it’s such a valuable tool that one should always have access to it.

The last tip is to simply use one’s eyes. While a smoke stick is useful for detecting air drafts, one’s eye is also a powerful tool. It’s a good idea to look for any fixture which extends into the wall. Even if there’s no immediate sign of an air draft, it’s probable that it might show up in the future.


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