Improving a Home’s Curb Appeal

Homeowners looking to increase the value of their property should think about improving their home’s curb appeal. Whether they are putting it on the market to sell or they just want it to look like the nicest home on the block for their own satisfaction and enjoyment, improving the home’s appearance will generally benefit the neighborhood value. From do it yourself projects to hiring an expert, there are a variety of renovations and maintenance that can be performed.

One of the biggest things affecting the first impression of a house is the landscaping. A dead lawn with weeds or scraggly plants can really have a negative effect, even with a nice looking house. Yard work can be an arduous task, and can be quite expensive to hire somebody to get the job done. If homeowners don’t mind doing the yard work themselves it can be done cheaply, especially if plants are purchased in the late summer or early fall when a lot of stores put their plants on clearance. Xeriscaping can be a rewarding option if maintaining a green lawn is too much work. Drought resistant plants can be planted along with interesting looking rock mulch to provide a maintenance free front yard that is also attractive in every season. If it’s too time consuming to do digging and reconfiguring plant placements, purchased flowering hanging baskets can simply be hung in front of the house to add some instant color.

Old windows in poor condition that are facing the street can really detract from the home’s appearance. They can be replaced to make the house look more attractive. If that is too expensive or unnecessary, the windows can be flanked with shutters to make them look more stylish. Window or door screens that are ripped should be patched or replaced.

The walkway from the car to the door to the house can get worn or dull looking after years of use. Cracks in the driveway can be filled with epoxy and a concrete path or stoop can be painted to make it look new again. An old front door can be replaced or painted a fresh color to create an inviting focal point of the house. A front porch or new outdoor furniture additions can help create a relaxing ambience to welcome guests to the home.

There are so many ways to spruce up the front of a house. From little improvements to grand scale renovations, new siding options to a new front door, the time and effort homeowners invest in making their house more attractive will be worthwhile.