Defeating Colonies of Ants this Spring & Summer

Did you know that 20 or more ants all gathered around like a posse in the same area is considered an ant colony? This colony is a telltale sign of an infestation, which you definitely want to nip in the bud. Last spring, my 12-year-old daughter kept on getting colonies of ants in her bathroom. I didn’t understand why there were little ants infesting her orange and pale pink bathroom, but I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I know that ants seek out shelter, moisture, and food, but why in my daughter’s bathroom?

Typically ants are known for congregating in kitchens where food is kept and served, which leads me being the type-A mother that I am, to be super anal and monitor this. In an attempt to prevent ants from attacking my pale green floral wallpapered kitchen, I take out the trash daily, and make sure that all food is properly stored and sealed tightly.

After the ant colonies in my daughter’s bathroom seemed to be multiplying overnight last April, I finally resorted to finding pest control in Maryland. It turns out that my not so type-A daughter, was throwing out remainders of bagels from breakfast, chips from snack, and other food in her bathroom trashcan, which I didn’t monitor as closely as the kitchen trashcan. The ants sniffed out the food and tried to take advantage of the opportunity.

What I later learned about ants is that they multiply quickly because queen ants sense danger and create more colonies as a defense mechanism. It is important to dispose of food all in one main location in order to prevent issues such as these. This incident was good for my family though because it set an example for everyone and freaked out my daughter enough to not let it happen again!


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